No Cardio at fit20

Many people believe that in some way your heart has to be conditioned independently from the rest of your body. However, there is no need to train two separate programs; the condition of the heart is improved when you improve your body’s overall fitness level. There is a false dichotomy between cardio training and resistance training.fit20 training improves your cardiovascular fitness without any additional ‘cardio’ exercise.

At fit20, we employ high intensity training or HIT. This is strength training using weights, performing quality repetitions under the expert guidance of a personal trainer. The intensity is key, as we use this to increase the demands on your muscles to make your heart pump harder to supply them with oxygen rich blood. Your heart supports and responds to your muscles- the harder they work, the harder the heart must work too.

During fit20 training, first the aerobic (with oxygen) and then the anaerobic (without oxygen) muscle metabolism systems become active, leading to muscle failure. When this happens, the end products of anaerobic metabolism are recycled to fuel the aerobic (cardio) metabolism – a system that makes maximum use of the body’s aerobic capacity.

Due to the exacting methods fit20 training employs, you are effectively exercising your aerobic system for up to 90 minutes after your training session ends!

As well as increasing your muscular strength and metabolism, weekly fit20 training improves the fitness of your heart, lungs and blood vessels, thereby increasing your stamina.

Hate cardio training? Then fit20 is for you! And if you love cardio training, fit20 can help you be better at that too!